Thursday, 21 July 2011

Citrus Coasters

Well this is very exciting, my first blog post!  It's just to show you a little something I made last week, mainly whilst sat on the sofa watching telly and eating chocolate.

These are lovely little citrus coasters.  I'd love to say I thought of this idea myself, but actually its from The Purl Bee, and you can find the template for them here.  They were easy to make as they're made from felt, but did take aggesss to sew as they're done by hand.  Also, I could only fit 7 of the 8 triangles the tutorial says to use on each one - not sure what I did wrong there.

I know its sad but I am a little bit in love with them and even dreamt about them the other night!  I think in the dream I was sat in the garden with a glass of Pimms sat on one.  This would be lovely, but sadly its July in Britain so is cold and damp - no Pimms in the garden for me!  Maybe a mug of hot chocolate on the sofa in the lounge instead...


  1. I ended up trimming my triangular bits to make them its not just you. There isn't as nice of an edge between them and the white circle or the white circle and the colored one either. Going to end up tinkering with the pattern to make them look how I want them.

  2. So cute! I can almost see the cheerful smile of family and friends with these fruity glass coasters underneath their cold glass of fresh fruit drink.